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Anonymous asked, "No one I know likes 50 shades of grey they all base it on the sex scenes and don't pay attention to the story. It upsets me cause I can't talk to anyone about it. My fav is darker cause I feel that's when you really start to get the story I think people just read the first and judge too quickly. I didn't mean to fall in love with it but there's no turning back now."

That’s exactly what happened to me! Years ago when I talked about the books with my friends they looked at me like I was crazy… I tried to explained them the true love story behind the books and they just said to me: “Do you like that weird thing of the dom and the submissive? I like to be a dominant” and they make fun of it. So yeah, I didn’t talked to anyone (just my lil sis) about the books.

Now the same persons that talked shit about the book are reading them just because the movie is coming. To me that is bullshit. They are doing it just because everyone is talking about it.

And yep, my favorite book of the trilogy is Fifty Shades Darker too! I mean we can see in this book how is the real Christian, he is showing the real him to Anastasia and is so beautiful to see how a man who has a big wall around his heart is slowly giving his heart to Anastasia and showing his true colors. Is just beautiful, a really beautiful love story. 

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Fifty Shades Of Grey

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